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Vertical greenery

Vertical greenery

Until now creating a living green wall was a very difficult and expensive procedure. 
Thanks to the modern technology it is much easier for people from larger agglomerations and dense cities to surround themselves with lush exotic greenery. Vertical gardens have become a new proposal for both public and private spaces.


Dynamically developing, living green walls are becoming the sign of our times but also they set the direction for the development of modern landscape architecture. Using plants on a vertical plane instantly creates a great impression on the environment in which such project is executed.

The main advantage of such solution is to have a big amount of plants without the loss of the floor area. Moreover, green walls work like insulation, plants inhale contaminants and carbon dioxide producing oxygen. And despite the fact they are the modern symbol of being ‘eco’, the vertical gardens are also a great sound barrier. But simply put living green walls beautify the environment in a very unique way.


We kindly invite you to familiarize with our various offers for introducing fresh greenery into your interiors, balconies and terraces. In particular please become acquainted with our three different products, designed for creating green walls: midori DIY, moss walls and vertical gardens.

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